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Every photo, piece of art, writing, etc. displayed on these pages comes under the Creative Commons License.


What does that mean?

It means you are allowed to use the photos, art, writing etc. non-exclusively, without any fee or permission

  • if you give proper credit to "JaePix.de" (preferrably as a link),
  • if you do not modify the writing, or art in question,
  • if you grant the same creative common license I've granted,
  • and if you are not using it for commerical purposes.
If you'd like to use anything for commercial purposes or exclusively, please inquire.

Likewise, if you'd like to buy one of the items or would like a custom-made item, please inquire. I practice my
arts and crafts for fun and not for a living, so my prices are mostly prime costs.

Please note: Especially in the fandom section of the website I often have no right to grant or limit copyright
because ideas and images are sometimes taken from books and movies, the interlectual property of others,
who have explicitly or implicitly granted the use of said ideas.